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Кинологическая организация
FCI Federation Cynologique Internationale 
Год создания
Aleksandra Križanović

We are a Dog kennel God's Creatures FCI 12/16 passionate about this fascinating breeding Siberian husky and Dalmatian dog. Our ambition and goal is to breed what we think is a perfect dog. And that means healthy dog with great, easy-going character, dynamic temperament, agile movement, dog bred to endure and to be a great life companion, dog that is willing to please, intelligent, obedient and eager to play, do sports or work, dog that looks good, happy and joyful. Our dogs are full members of our family. They live in a house with us. Our dogs go to exhibitions. We bred dogs which found their new homes in USA, EU and other countries in the world. Our dogs are being bred in other kennels as precious and quality dogs of their breed Whether if you need a pet or a show dog, you can feel free to contact us and feel satisfied with our dogs like every other owner of our dogs. Transport is possible worldwideOur dogs are all vaccinated, microchipped , EU passport and pedigree FCI.Names of our dogs in their pedigree bring message; Amazing Grace God's Creatures, Because I Love Jesus God's Creatures etc... that's the way we glorify God trough our work and His creatures . All the information:+385 97 755 2787 (whats app, viber) uzgajivacnica.kutjevo@gmail.com Facebook page: God's creatures FCI 12/16 - Dog kennel-Croatia Youtube: Dog Kennel God with creatures FCI 12/16 Thank you!

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