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Кинологическая организация
FCI Federation Cynologique Internationale 
Год создания
Jana Cagasova

Ken'Ichi Ai kennel is based in the Czech Republic nearby Prague, licensed and regulated by FCI and AKIHO (in Japan).
To breed the healthiest, most vibrant puppies possible, with a placid temperament, lovely nature and the instinctive ability to become loyal and faithful companions. Our wish is for our puppies to be the perfect addition for families.
We DNA & health & genetic test our parents as part of our diligent surveillance to ensure we keep the incidence of problems in our puppies to an absolute minimum.
All of us puppies are registered in Japan and have AKIHO pedigree. All of our dogs are imported from the most advanced breeding countries for Akita breed and in last years wew import dogs strictly from Japan. Our puppies are living with wonderful families from all over the world (USA, Czech, Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Poland, Philipines, Chile, Mexiko, Belgium, Hungary,..)
We ONLY breed Akitas which are health tested & all of us Akitas are excellent show dogs (MEIYOSHOU winner, TOKUYUU winners, Austria, Czech, Slovak, Swiss, Polish, Hungarian, Italian, Slovenia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Kosova, Albania champions, grandchampions and junior champions, Interchampions - C.I.B., multiple BOB winners, Cruft's qualificated, multiple BIS, JBIS & BIG, JBIG placements and so on,..)

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телефон:  +420 72 [Покажи номер]

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