Lubelski Tropiciel FCI

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Наш питомник

Кинологическая организация
FCI / ZKwP (Związek Kynologiczny w Polsce) 
Год создания
Piotr Klempka

The dogs have lived with us since I can remember and even longer, to say the least, somewhere for 40 years. Initially, the plans were only for "breeding female", then we decided that it is worth winning the Polish championship, and then maybe it is worth fighting for the interchampion title and so we fight to this day, buying more puppies and increasing the breeding. Now a whole few go to the exhibitions and compete for the greatest laurels. We, together with them, explore this unique and enchanted world, another dimension, a place where you forget about everything and spend your time only with your four-legged friends.
This is how OUR WORLD looks like, I invite everyone to see our kennel, our big family.
Our days are full of Jack Russell Terrier and we would like to
share this passion with you.

Расположение и контакт

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