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Our mission is very clear and simple: Look4dog - Find a Friend. We are connecting breeders and those who are looking for dogs. On our website only FCI (Fédération Cynologique Internationale) associated breeders are allowed.

Of course we are dog lovers. We know how hard it’s to look for purebred dogs across the country or globally to avoid puppy mills. That is why we’ve built Look4dog | Find a friend.

If you look for purebred dog, with Look4dog you can easly search for any breed from FCI’s breeders around the world. With no fees and hidden costs. 

If you are FCI’s breeder (or any another national canine association recognized by FCI - e.g. SV, AKC, The Kennel Club - UK and others) you will be able to quickly and effectively promote your kennel, dogs, champions, bitches, stud dogs and puppies to a wide audience of dog lovers in every, even the most remote, corner of the world.

We also want to spread knowledge and educate people on purebred dogs according to FCI's guidelines and principles.

That’s all about us. Let’s find a friend with Look4dog!

Look4dog.com Team

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