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Look4dog.com price list valid from 10 February 2020:

1. Are you LOOKING for a pedigree dog?

You can use the Website for FREE!
You can FREELY browse through the contents of the Website, look for puppies and FCI-certified kennels, contact the selected breeders and register your account to send FREE messages to breeders.

2. Are you a BREEDER registered with ZKwP/FCI?  

You may create and expand the business card of your kennel, present achievements of your dogs, show off your beautiful puppies, as well as contact other breeders and be available to people who look for pedigree dogs from FCI-certified kennels.
For your kennel to be visible to other Website Users, you may choose the plan that suits you best (in the ‘Packages’ tab available after logging in to your Breeder Account):

Subscription plan Period** Price
Excellent 1 year 0 zł / 99,99 PLN***
Very Good 90 days 24,99 PLN
Promising 30 days 9,99 PLN


**  NOTE – IMPORTANT! When the subscription period is over, the package IS NOT RENEWED AUTOMATICALLY!

***  Special offer: during the first registration of a kennel, the whole first year costs PLN 0. After the end of the special offer, the year-long package is PLN 99.99.

As a breeder, you can additionally promote your kennel on the home page and/or in the search results for the kennel at PLN 9.99 for 7 days.

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