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Our mission and vision

Look4dog | Find a Friend is a global platform connecting purebred dog breeders with people looking for top-notch puppies coming only from kennels affiliated with FCI, the American Kennel Club, the Kennel Club UK and other clubs recognised by FCI.

The mission of Look4dog is to make it easier to find a purebred dog from any FCI (World Canine Organisation – Fédération Cynologique Internationale) kennel around the world and be a reliable database of professional breeders registered with recognized Kennel Clubs. 

We offer the first global application with which persons looking for puppies can make sure that they buy a purebred puppy whose parents are pedigree dogs with documented origin and multi-generation pedigree, tested for genetic diseases common in some breeds. For breeders, Look4dog serves as a platform on which their dogs can quickly find right owners from any country.

Another vital element of our mission is to spread the knowledge about pedigree dogs in accordance with the FCI guidelines and kennel culture, so that every choice of dog would be a responsible one.

How do we check pedigree dog kennels?

  • Every breeder who registers their kennel with Look4dog must choose the kennel club they are a member of. 
  • If this club does not belong to or is not recognised by FCI, the kennel registration is not possible.
  • The Look4dog team additionally verifies the registering kennels by checking them in the FCI database. 
  • In justified cases we require that the breeder send a document confirming kennel membership in a given club in their country which is a member of FCI, the World Canine Organisation.

What are the conditions for the pedigree dog breeder to join Look4dog?

  • They must belong to a recognised kennel club that is a member of or cooperates with FCI (World Canine Organisation). These also include large separate organisations: the American Kennel Club (AKC), the Kennel Club in the United Kingdom – KC (UK) and the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) whose pedigrees are recognised by FCI.
  • In such kennels dogs are bred according to the standard specified by FCI. For them to be used in the kennel (as brood bitch or stud dog), they must receive the breeding rights awarded by the kennel club in a given country.  
  • The goal of the kennels affiliated with FCI is, first and foremost, to improve individual breeds in terms of physical, mental and utility characteristics.
  • Dogs admitted to the kennel must have obligatory tests for some genetic diseases typical of a given breed.

How does Look4dog help you find the right dog?

  • First, you can use our browser that will show you kennels from various countries available for the selected breed. You can also look for puppies using only-available-litter filter. Look4dog will simply and quickly contact you with the selected breeder. 
  • With Look4dog, you can also enter a profile of your future friend precisely in terms of needs and lifestyle of your family. We want you to be a perfect match! :) Looking for an active dog or a dog for company? Piece of cake. Choose the right filter and we will show you the breeds that meet your criteria. More>>>

Don’t know which breed to choose? Haven’t found the right kennel? Write to us and we will help you:

You can contact us via:

  • Online chat
  • Phone: +48 602 289 157
  • Facebook: @look4dog
  • Instagram: @look4dog
  • Email: administrator[at]look4dog.com

Found a dog but you want to verify its origin, pedigree and kennel?

You’re in the right place! Our experts and pedigree dog lovers are here to help! Write to us at: administrator[at]look4dogcom!

What are FCI, AKC and the Kennel Club UK? 

  • FCI, that is the World Canine Organisation, has been operating since 1911 and is based in Thuin, Belgium. It is the largest and oldest canine organisation in Europe. For over 100 years, it has been promoting pedigree dogs all over the world, with the exception of the United States of America and the United Kingdom where there are separate organisations cooperating with FCI. At present, there are about 350 dog breeds recognised in the world and it is FCI that approves their standards. Only one kennel club in the country may be a member of FCI. FCI has about 80 member clubs.
  • Established at the end of the 19th century, AKC, that is the American Kennel Club, is another large canine organisation operating in the United States of America. Many clubs of various breeds belong to AKC. The main goal of AKC is, first of all, to promote pedigree dog breeding and to keep pedigree books. Pursuant to mutual understanding, the dog pedigrees issued by AKC are recognised by FCI and vice versa. The most prestigious pedigree dog show organised by AKC is the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. At present, only 157 of over a thousand known dog breeds are registered with AKC, and 51 breeds await confirmation. 
  • The Kennel Club in the United Kingdom, KC, is another large separate canine organisation operating in the United Kingdom. KC recognises 203 dog breeds divided into the following categories: Terrier, Hound, Toy, Working, Gundog, Pastoral and Utility. Pedigrees issued for dogs by this organisation are also honoured by FCI. The Kennel Club in the United Kingdom is the organiser of Crufts, world-largest prestigious pedigree dog show. The show features more than 20,000 pedigree dogs from all over the world.

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