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Welsh Corgi Cardigan

Following the name, it is easy to deduce that this dog comes from Wales. It is very possible that the breed was brought there by the Vikings around the 10th century. It is less in demand than the Welsh Corgi Pembroke. Unlike the other Corgi, the Cardigan is similar to Dachshunds, not Spitz. This dog used to help people herd cattle, today it is a great family companion.
Corgi is a short, broad-shouldered pooch with an elongated body. The height of the male and female at the withers is 30 cm, and the weight is 12 kg. It can boast a really long life, as it is 15-17 years.

Welsh Corgi Cardigan - character

The Welsh Corgi Cardigan is a stocky, strong, mobile and hardy dog ​​with an elongated body and a fox-like tail. It is alert, lively and intelligent. It is also characterized by self-control, with no trace of nervousness or aggression. It always knows what you are thinking and what the next step you will take. It perfectly senses the mood of its owner, knows when he is sad and when he is happy. It's just waiting to talk to it, and it'll politely listen to us. The Corgi easily gets along with other animals, it can even chase them to a place where they will feel safe.

The Welsh Corgi Cardigan is a versatile dog. It can be both a companion of an active person who wants to play sports with a pet, as well as, an elderly person or a quiet family. It is only important to provide it with the right amount of exercise so that it does not gain weight or go crazy. This dog love children, no matter if they are small or older, it will be happy to play with them. It is not annoyed by pulling the ears or hugging, it is very patient. It is also quite distant from strangers, which is why it is perfect for a house keeper. Unfortunately, its distrust is associated with the need to socialize as early as possible. Without it, our pet will be feral and fearful. It is very loyal and attached to its family, it likes to show affection. It is characterized by incredible endurance, it is great in dog sports such as agility and obedience. It works perfectly with people during training, learning is extremely easy for it. However, you should not indulge it too much because its intelligence and independence will make the training less effective. It is quite a barking dog so it is worth weaning it from this from a puppy. Only after training in this regard, the dog can live in the block of flats, otherwise it will be a nuisance not only for us but most of all for our neighbors.

Welsh Corgi Cardigan - grooming

Cardigan's coat is only a problem during the shedding season, as then the dog loses incredible amounts of hair and has to be brushed every day. However, in general, grooming is not a problem - it is only recommended to thoroughly brush the dog once a week. The dog's eyes require systematic inspection and, if necessary, the removal of various secretions from them. Large, supright ears of a dog should be thoroughly washed during bathing and when we notice that they have become dirty. Then we will avoid unpleasant infections, etc.

Welsh Corgi Cardigan - colour of coat

The coat is short or medium long, hard, as straight as possible, with an undercoat. It is waterproof.

  • marbled blue
  • brindle
  • ore
  • swarthy
  • tricolor with brindle and tan
  • tricolor with red tan

Each of the colours mentioned may have the typical white markings on the head, neck, chest, abdomen, feet, legs and the white tip of the tail. White, however, cannot dominate either on the body or on the head, on which it cannot encircle any of the eyes. The nose and eyelids must be black. Chocolate and bleached colours are highly undesirable.

Welsh Corgi Cardigan - health

The main medical conditions typical of this breed are:

  • progressive retinal atrophy
  • discopathy
  • joint dysplasia

Welsh Corgi Cardigan - nutrition

The food for the Cardigan should be adjusted according to its age. This dog is not fussy, it will like both ordinary food and home food. It is a small glutton, it does not eat in moderation, therefore it is prone to obesity. You have to be really careful not to overfeed your dog as Corgi has a tendency to gobble up food excessively. There are lots of ready-made dry food on the market. When choosing feed for your dog, read the ingredients carefully. It is important that the food does not contain grains and that the first places in the composition are meat. Also, make sure that it is clearly written that this is turkey meat or turkey meat meal and not turkey or turkey bone meal. If it says it's a turkey, then we don't really know what parts of the bird are in the food. It can be both meat and turkey by-products.

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