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Наш розплідник

Кінологічна організація
FCI Federation Cynologique Internationale 
Рік створення
Magdalena Donerstak

A small FCI kennel located in Estonia.

Homepage kennelthurisaz.eu
Instagram @luisemuut
Facebook Kennel Thurisaz Alaskan Malamutes and Siberian Huskies

The founder of kennel Thurisaz is Magdalena Donerstak who is also the member of the Estonian Kennel Union and the Estonian Alaskan Malamute Union. Support and help comes from her partner Hardi Riis who started the journey of mushing with our malamute Luise and is now actively taking part in mushing competition.

Courses taken
2019 autumn Estonian Kennel Union mandatory breeder education course. Magdalena is a qualified dog breeder.
2021 spring Estonian kennel Union basic course for trainers and judges

About myself
Taking part in dog shows, competing in mushing competitions, and everything connected to the kennel is my hobby. I work as a teacher. One part of my hobby is posting videos and pictures of our dogs to the Instagram platform.

We breed dogs that have been health tested and approved for breeding. The dog has to have the drive to work, but should also be a spectacular show dog. We aim to breed dogs that have great personality and are perfect for families. It should be easy to live with a dog, but it would be nice if the canine companion would also woo its family members to an active lifestyle.

To achieve all that is mentioned above we choose the female and the male carefully. They have to be healthy and have to have been achieved results in shows and/or mushing competitions.

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