Westend Park

Дізнатися ціну телефон: +48 60 [Покажи номер]

Наш розплідник

Кінологічна організація
FCI / ZKwP (Związek Kynologiczny w Polsce) 
Рік створення
Zbigniew Waligora

We are a newly established small family kennel formed out of our love for the Borzoi breed and the wish for our two beautiful dogs to produce litter that others will love as much as we do. In mid September 2021, the first breeding of Dasza and Maksim produced 11 healthy puppies.
For those who already have other animals, please note that in our home, in addition to the Borzois, we also have a cat and a small Bolognese dog - the two Borzois are well accustomed to their company and we intend to expose the Borzoi litter to the other pets as soon as possible to ensure early socialisation.

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