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Tatra Shepherd Dog

The dog breed which can be found mainly in the Beskid and Tatra Mountains, is one of the five Polish breeds recognized by the FCI. It is a herding and guard dog. Its relatives are shepherd dogs: Slovak chuvash, Pyrenean mountain dog, Hungarian Kuvasz, maremmano sheepdog. These types of dogs - large and white - reached us in the 4th – 15th centuries. The Tatra Shepherd Dog is a regional breed, created as a result of the geographical division of the Tatra Mountains into the Polish and Slovak Tatras.

The Tatra Sheepdog is a beautiful, large, muscular dog with a deep chest and a harmonious body structure. It has long, dense hair that is hard to the touch. The male dog reaches a height of 65-70 cm and its weight is about 60 kg. The female dog measures 60-65 cm and weighs up to 45 kg. These dogs live about 13 years.

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Tatra Shepherd Dog - character

The Tatra Shepherd Dogs are dogs with a strong and compact build. They are powerful and active but their temperament is calm. They are intelligent and alert dogs.

The Tatra Sheepdog is quite active but calm by nature. It should be remembered that it has the characteristics of a working dog which has been shaped and used for many years in this respect. Due to its strength and harshness, it was able to effectively guard the herd of sheep and its property. Dogs of this breed are very brave, and at the same time alert and balanced. They find themselves great in the company of children, they are very tolerant, friendly and caring. They are always friendly towards their families. They are proud, wise and, above all, faithful dogs. The Tatra Shepherd Dogs are independent and you should remember about it when practising obedience with them. Although these sheepdogs are happy to work with their owners, they will never be dogs that obey every command. It is worth working with them from the very beginning: the earlier the socialization, the better.

The Tatra Shepherd dogs are dogs who love long walks. They are lovely pets that are always ready for cuddling, stroking and scratching. They love to lie in the middle of the room to keep the whole family in sight. This breed is curious about the world, although it is also nosy. In addition, the Tatra Shepherd Dogs are endowed with great intelligence, learn quickly, and at the same time sense the mood of their guardians. Sheepdogs love with all of themselves. As herding dogs, they have a strong herd instinct. They are cautious towards strangers. They were also used to work in border services and in the army. They are also dogs valued by mountain rescuers.

The Tatra Sheepdogs are self-confident and do not react to any stimuli or sounds coming from the outside. However, they can quickly sense an intruder and react appropriately and decisively, e.g. with loud barking. The shepherd's appearance alone arouses respect in strangers. It is a very intelligent animal but it cannot be compelled to obey. It is wary of other dogs. It loves being in the bosom of nature, going on long hikes and swimming. This is a breed for the patient and consistent people. The Tatra Sheepdog willingly spends time with its owner. It is friendly to other animals. It can live in the mountains and lowlands. Like every dog, it prefers walking in open spaces to walking in the streets of crowded cities.

The Tatra Sheepdog is proud of its white coat. It may seem to us that this dog gets dirty easily - nothing could be further from the truth. The coat of these dogs does not catch dirt, and the mud on it quickly flakes off by itself - you do not even need a brush. It is a Polish breed, therefore it copes well in our climate. Males are less barky than females.

Tatra Shepherd Dog - grooming

  • Coat

The Tatra Shepherd Dogs have a long, straight or slightly wavy coat that is hard to the touch. It is longer on the neck and thighs, and shorter on the head and front legs. In winter, the dog has an abundant undercoat that protects it from frost. This breed does not require any special care, but you should brush your pooch at least once a week and bathe it when necessary. The Tatra Shepherd Dog's colour is uniformly white. Little sheepdogs look like snowballs.

  • Ears

The ears of the Tatra Sheepdog are thick, triangular and quite hairy. They should be cleaned from time to time.

Tatra Shepherd Dog - colour of coat

The color of coat of the Tatra Shepherd Dog is uniformly white. A creamy coating is undesirable.

Tatra Shepherd Dog - health

The Tatra Shepherd Dog is not susceptible to diseases - it belongs to healthy dogs. The most common diseases are:

  • hip or elbow dysplasia
  • entropion and ectropion
  • stomach twist (improper diet)

So you should remember to have your dog's hip joints X-rayed.

Tatra Shepherd Dog - nutrition

The Tatra Shepherd Dogs are not very demanding and will eat practically anything. Therefore, you should be very careful about what your dogs eat, especially puppies that grow very quickly and their diet should be varied and rich in various types of micro- and macroelements. When deciding on dry food, choose one that is dedicated to puppies of large breeds, with a lower protein content: 27-32%. Thanks to this, your pet will develop proportionally. Food with a high protein content - above 32% - can cause a puppy to grow quickly, which in turn can have a negative impact on the proper development of joints and cartilage.

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