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Kennel Club
Verein für Deutsche Schäferhunde (SV) e.V. 
Year of establishment
Anke Scholl

We breed longstockhair with undercoat from workinglines. Our dogs are therefore anything but couch potatoes and therefore only for active people who like to do sports every day.

We live in a small house in the idyllic village of Namborn on the edge of the eastern Saarland, on a 1,000 square meter property which offers plenty of space to romp and train, relax or just be a dog. Nevertheless, our dogs are challenged daily according to their needs, which they can hardly expect with enthusiasm. Our puppies grow up in a family pack, with 2 and 4-legged legs. This guarantees optimal rearing.

We want to give our puppies a good start in life and give them well prepared in the hands of the new, responsible owner. We already have our puppies EMBARK tested by us to be sure of the DNA status of our babies.


One should be aware that one is acquiring a living being, not a television or a car. That means that you can't see everything in advance as a breeder. You can only mate in the best possible way, raise them appropriately and accompany them with a lot of love for the first 8 weeks of their lives.
We demand a sporty home from our puppy buyers. That means you should want to do sports with the dog. You have to and want to be challenged, but not overwhelmed. So if you are looking for a dog that should adapt to family life, but the family is not really active, you are unfortunately out of place with us. We do not require you to go to IPO / IGP training 5 times a week, but you should actively engage your dog in any sport you like.

A loving home goes without saying for us. But we require our puppy buyers to have the puppy main X-ray at the right age, this is contractually agreed.

We would also like to keep in touch after the submission. We are just happy to see our babies grow up, how they develop and what becomes of them. Every now and then a few photos / videos or an email makes us really happy.

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