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Dachshund Standard Smooth-haired

Dachshunds come from hounds, namely the oldest German dogs, including: bibarhunda and dachsbracke, i.e. badger hunting dogs. There is ample evidence that similar dogs already existed in ancient Egypt and Rome, including rock drawings and excavations. The smooth-haired dachshund breed comes from the 16th century Germany. It is suspected that it may be a mutation of one of the hounds with slightly crooked legs or a cross between Bruno du Jura and a pinscher. The smooth-haired dachshund gave rise to two varieties: long-haired and wire-haired in three sizes: standard, miniature and rabbit. The circumference of the chest determines the size of the dog.

Short-leggedness makes it easier for the Dachshund Standard Smooth-haired to track in densely overgrown areas and allows easy entry into a badger or foxhole. In turn, it is easier for a hunter to follow a slower dog. The Dachshund is a thoroughbred hunting dog with a surprising versatility: flushing, mountain scar, and lair. Underground, it fights wildly with a fox or a larger badger, hunts with a voice track, tracks down injured animals and can even be used to hunt otters in the water. A refined and noble smooth-haired dachshund was once a constant companion of German emperors, extremely popular and fashionable.

In 1879, at the congress of German cynologists, the first breed standard was established, and a year later the first pedigree book was created. Another year later, the Dachshund Club was established in England. Currently, the smooth-haired dachshund is less and less popular in favor of the wire-haired dachshund.

  • Life expectancy: 9 - 13 years
  • Chest circumference over 35 cm
  • Weight: up to 9 kg
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Dachshund Standard Smooth-haired - character

Despite their hunting passion, dachshunds are very popular companion dogs. Therefore, they mostly lead the quiet life. These intelligent, very affectionate dogs with a cheerful disposition are wonderful companions of man. The DachshundStandard Smooth-haired is affectionate and gentle, but also brash and aggressive, depending on the situation. This vigilant dog, always ready to defend itself, knows how to gain the respect of a human being. Dachshunds can be possessive and jealous of their guardian, so they require skillful training. They have a great sense of humor. It is said that the dachshund is both a clown, a scoundrel and an actor all rolled into one. Its facial expressions and playing with its body will give the owner a lot of reasons to be happy. The only problem is that some dachshund keepers, being impressed by their charm, forget all the rules.

Due to the fact that smooth-haired dachshunds are on their own in their work, they must not be accused of willingness to make decisions as disobedience. With a sensitive and consistent upbringing, the dachshund will be an obedient and devoted household member.
The Dachshund Standard Smooth-haired is very fond of children and other dogs. However, it should not live with other pets under the same roof, due to its strong hunting instinct. It can get used to a cat, provided that they stay with each other from the beginning.
The Dachshund Smooth-haired requires a moderate amount of exercise. It likes to run without a leash, but you have to make sure that the dog, encouraged by the new scent, does not run away too far.

Dachshund Standard Smooth-haired - grooming

The coat of the Dachshund Standard Smooth-haired is short, dense and smooth. Caring for this breed is not difficult. Clean the coat daily with a dog glove and then with a soft cloth. The condition of the ears and teeth should also be checked regularly.

Dachshund Standard Smooth-haired - colour of coat

The coat of the Dachshund Standard Smooth-haired can be:

  • ore
  • reddish
  • fawn without black hair
  • brown with rust-brown yellow markings
  • spotted or brindle

The coat is short, dense, shiny, tight-fitting. It is hard, strong and without any bald spots. The tail is thin, thoroughly covered with hair, but not too profusely. A slightly longer, bristly hair on the underside of the tail is not a fault.

Dachshund Standard Smooth-haired - health

The Dachshunds Standards Smooth-haired enjoy good health and endurance. This is a long-lived breed. All dachshunds, irrespective of their coat and size, are prone to disc loss. It is a natural consequence of an elongated body structure. The dog should not be allowed to jump high up or from great heights.
Also, take care of your dog's teeth so that they do not accumulate tartar, through chewing teethers, a proper diet and regular tooth brushing.

Dachshund Standard Smooth-haired - nutrition

Dachshunds Standard Smooth-haired have a very large appetite and therefore a tendency to gain weight. They are also picky dogs. They should not be overfed because obese individuals are more likely to suffer from heart and spine diseases. Dachshunds require a proper diet and a lot of daily exercise. You can choose food for medium-sized breeds or that specially formulated for dachshunds.
The menu of these dachshunds should not lack vitamins, minerals, unsaturated fatty acids and a good type of animal protein.

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