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Poodle Medium Size

Before it came to the Louis XV salons, the poodle was a hunting dog, chasing birds in wetlands. This French breed with German roots is the descendant of a Barbet and Irish Water Spaniel. The German expression "pudden" translates to "splashing in water". This is what the name of the poodle dog comes from. Jumping and light gait, the proverbial fidelity described by Hector Malot in the novel 'Without Family', vitality, enthusiasm and dynamism, resistance, cheerful disposition and sporting spirit made this poodle the most popular French companion dog.

In the 17th and 18th centuries, during the Baroque and Rococo periods, the poodle was the favorite of Marie Antoinette and the elegant ladies of the court. Later, it won the love of various social classes, and in the 19th century it was already very popular. It was also used in a duet with a dachshund to find truffles. The poodle was looking for them and the dachshund was digging up. The medium-sized poodle is the "father" of all types of poodle. During the reign of Louis XVI (the second half of the18th century), it began to be miniaturized. There are currently four varieties that differ only in size: large, medium, miniature and toy poodles. The Poodle Medium Size was also appreciated in Anglo-Saxon countries, especially in the USA. It belongs to one of the three breeds whose kennels have the most births each year.

Height of male: 35-45 cm
Weight of male: 7-14 kg
Life expectancy: up to 15 years and more

Poodle Medium Size - character

The Poodle Medium Size is a dog with a strong build and a showy, twisted coat that can be trimmed into extravagant hairstyles. Poodles are extremely bright dogs that deservedly enjoy a lot of popularity. The medium-sized Poodle is one of the best family dogs. It is intelligent, cheerful and easy to lead. It is very adaptable, obedient and has a representative role. Some dogs of this breed are great at working with sick or disabled people and participate in various types of therapies. Medium-sized poodles can successfully take part in agility and frisbee competitions. The Poodle is the perfect choice for people planning to work as a dog therapist or exhibition handler.

Poodles Medium Size are extremely social and easily adapt to various living conditions. The most important thing is their boundless attachment to their owner. This breed is characterized by high intelligence, which is combined with its cheerful and lively temperament. Properly guided, it is an easy-going householder, who does not bark excessively, is gentle and very spontaneous. As with other breeds, Poodles don't like to be left alone all day at home. Therefore, if such situations were to arise, it is important to get them used to it from the puppy onwards.

The poodle loves the company of children. However, you should take into account its sensitivity and ensured that young children do not treat it like a living toy. The poodle tolerates other dogs and animals and behaves correctly towards them. It loves long walks and swimming in the water. Dogs of this breed can live in any housing conditions, provided that we provide them with a large dose of physical and mental activity.

The Poodle Medium Size is an alert dog but it does not bark unnecessarily. It is non-aggressive and behaves neutral towards strangers. From time to time, it reveals its hunting instinct. Then it should be observed, especially in unknown terrain. As with other decorative dogs, be careful not to make mistakes of upbringing process. Too sharp upbringing or so-called "humanizing" the dog, i.e. the lack of consistency and rules, can lead to upbringing a hysterical, stubborn and uncertain individual.

Poodle Medium Size - grooming

Grooming the poodle takes some time. Three types of hairstyles are recognized at the exhibitions: the most demanding 'lion' version, the English version 'with ornaments' and the modern cut, i.e. the simplest and most comfortable haircut for a dog. Poodles require daily and careful brushing. You should trim excess hair between thier toes and clean their ears regularly. You also need to bathe them once a month. Even non-exhibition specimens need visits to the dog salon every six weeks. Poodles do not shed and their coat does not trigger asthma or allergy attacks.

Poodle Medium Size - colour of coat

The coat of the poodle is single-colored and may be:

  • white
  • black
  • silver
  • brown
  • fawn

Brown: should be deep, rather dark, uniform and warm. The beige shade and lighter derivatives thereof are not allowed.
Silver: must be solid, deep, and not black or white.
Fawn: must be uniform. It can be in shades from light fawn to red fawn or even orange fawn (apricot).
The rims of the eyelids, nose, lips, gums, palate, natural openings, scrotum and pads - well pigmented. In light fawns, all pigmentation should be as dark as possible.

The hair is lush, woolly and well-curled, flexible and resistant to pressure from the hands. It should be thick, dense and of equal length. It must create regular curls.

Poodle Medium Size - health

The most common medical conditions in the Poodle Medium Size are: cataracts, progressive retinal atrophy or epilepsy. Sometimes there are skin problems.

Poodle Medium Size - nutrition

The Medium-Sized Poodle diet should be varied. It is a good idea to definitely go on the BARF diet. It is based on raw meat, meat bones, vegetables and fruit. Bones are a good source of calcium and phosphorus, offal - minerals, and vegetables and fruit - vitamins. The dog receives all that is best and natural. When deciding to feed with dry food, make sure that it is grain-free, does not contain dyes and artificial preservatives.

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