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Collie Rough

Certainly, each of us knows the movie entitled 'Lassie Come-Home'. This is where the Collie Rough plays a major role. It is believed that the ancestors of this breed, along with its short-haired variety, were brought to Great Britain with the inhabitants of Rome. The fame was provided by Queen Victoria who was simply in love with these dogs. It is not surprising, after all, it is a beautiful, calm and intelligent animal. It is perfect to help with grazing animals. There are mentions of thid breed as far back as 1500 years ago. It is popular almost all over the world, including Poland.

The Collie Rough is exactly like its short-haired variety: muscular, but not massive, and graceful. The optimal height of the male ranges from 56 to 61 cm, while the female's height is between 51 and 56 cm. Life expectancy of these dogs is 12 - 14 years.

Collie Rough - character

The Collie Rough is a dog of great beauty, harmonious and full of dignity. Its body building indicates the activity and endurance of this dog. It cannot be heavy or stocky. It is friendly, with no trace of nervousness or aggression. A great companion dog, active and cheerful. Perfect for the company of children and other dogs.

The Collie Rough, like its short-haired variety, is an ideal family dog. It is extremely loyal to its family members and gets along very well with children. It can also be a good companion to other pets. It is perfect for the guardian of the household. By loud barking, it will notify us of any potential threat. Unfortunately, it is also distanced from strangers and should be carefully socialized as a puppy so that it does not grow up to be a fearful individual. By nature, it is a gentle dog with a cheerful disposition and we can be sure that it will bring an irreplaceable atmosphere into the house. It should not be aggressive or impulsive. During the training, its independence may be the biggest problem, we should keep it under control, but screaming or being too harsh is inadvisable. The dog must trust us and not be discouraged at the same time.

A fruitful collaboration is one in which both animals and humans show respect for each other. We cannot forget to provide the pet with the right amount of activity. It's best when we play sports with it. It is also worth preparing various mental games for it. The Collie Rough is great for work, it is conscientious and will do it flawlessly. You can keep it in an apartment. In fact, the Collie is a dog for everyone. Mainly it depends on us what kind of pet it will be. After proper upbringing, we will gain a loyal and devoted friend of the whole family.

Collie Rough - grooming

  • Coat

Contrary to its short-haired variety, we need to work on the coat of the Coolie Rough. It must be carefully combed. This should be done more frequently during the shedding period. The dog does not tend to get dirty, but after a walk or play, dirty places should be gently washed. After each walk, especially in the forest, check its coat for any tangled twigs or leaves.

  • Eyes

Eye diseases are very common in collies, so it is recommended that they be examined for this. It is also important to keep these areas clean by washing them with cotton buds and a special liquid.

  • Ears

The Collie's ears should be looked after systematically, wiping them from time to time with a damp cotton swab and frequently checking their condition. In case of disturbing symptoms, we absolutely must go to the veterinarian.

  • Claws

Collie claw care consists only in their systematic shortening. We can do it ourselves or ask a specialist for help.

Collie Rough - colour of coat

The coat is very dense. The topcoat is straight and rough to the touch, the undercoat is soft and so dense that it is impossible to see the skin. Abundant mane and collar, the hair on the head is short and smooth, the same at the ends of the ears which are more hairy at the base. Distinct fringes on the front legs, abundant pants on the back. The tail is very hairy.

Colors of the coat:

  • sword: various shades from light golden to mahogany, also with a black coating. Cream and pale straw colors are undesirable
  • tricolor: black with intense tan on the head and legs, while a rusty coating on black is highly undesirable
  • blue marbled: a background predominantly silvery blue, in a pure shade, with black spots and patches on it

Each of these colors should have more or less extensive white markings: partially the collar, socks and the tip of the tail. Pure white or predominantly white ointment is highly undesirable.

Collie Rough - health

The main conditions affecting these dogs are genetic eye diseases such as collie eye anomalies and progressive retinal atrophy. Pancreatic islet or ulcerative idiopathic dermatitis may also occur. Some dogs of this breed may be sensitive to certain antibiotics and may not tolerate anesthesia.

Collie Rough - nutrition

When feeding your dog, you should consider its nutritional requirements in terms of height, activity and age. Before this beautiful dog arrives at your home, it is worth considering the type of feeding. The Barf diet is becoming more and more popular with owners and breeders. The main components of this diet are unprocessed animal products: raw meat, raw offal, meat bones, as well as fish, vegetables and fruit. All these products are rich in amino acids, vitamins and minerals, so you can be sure that your dog gets the best. The more different types of meat and offal, the more varied the diet, which has a positive effect on the condition of its coat and skin.

Dry food is also a good solution, provided that we choose it wisely. It is very important to read its composition. Dry food should not contain artificial preservatives, colorings, grains and animal by-products. However, its composition should be rich in dried or fresh meat.

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