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FCI Federation Cynologique Internationale 
Rok utworzenia
Lívia Matelloni

Bracco Italiano Kennel

Welcome! Benvenuti!
About us
I am Livia Matelloni and with my husband Paolo created the Della Radura Kennel .We are a young family living in Hungary among golden fields in a small farm with our dogs and horses. Since early age we both cultivated a vivid passion for dogs and animal care. These combined with my husband passion for hunting and wildlife management led us to start seeking a lifestyle closer to nature.
The Bracco Italiano. The choice of this breed was obvious for us, Paolo is being Italian he also cared for this noble breed long time ago. And as for me it was my childhood dream came through.
Then after years of planning and searching we found our first two bracco Baloo and Bruma from the well-established Sanchi line in 2012. Then in 2013 Almudena de Arte Venandi joined us from our friend Carlos Espi Force. Ever since she accomplished great success in dog show becoming multi champion and while not in the ring she is an avid hunter.In May 2015 we decided to have our first “A” litter, having in mind the working abilities. During all these years we were studying the bloodlines, pedigrees and tried shape the vision of the true Bracco Italiano.
Our goal is to breed healthy dogs that have a well balance character and a solid nervous system. We make sure that all our dogs are health tested, well socialized and promptly introduced to working-like situations (retrieving, swimming, shooting, field work and encountering the games) in order to imprint the courage and the mental stability toward new situation and environments. At early age they get acquainted with the storm of the big show life. Nevertheless the puppies born into our family, so we fully indorse them!
This is where the Della Radura Kennel’ story starts….

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tel:  +36 70 [Pokaż numer]

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